(Mitch) #1

Okie dokie… My G5 should arrive in roughly 12-14 hours (I hope) and It comes with Z-stacks and hubstacks…

I’ll play with the Z-stacks for a while but I’ve heard their crazy loud and that just wont fly…How do I go about switching them out for the hub stacks?


Try to pull them out with pliers, or just fingers if you can.

(rewand0) #3

Just use the string method. Wrap the string around the hub post and then pull the hubstacks off. But be careful not to lose the black O-ring on the end. I perfer to play my G5 without stacks because its a lot quieter and in my opinion it playes better.

(Mitch) #4

I was able to get them out with my fingers… and just pop the normal stacks in…



if you try to take off the black o ring it might snap.

(Mitch) #6

Ugh… Well I switched them and I’d like to switch them back… (Im taking it to band practice tomorrow and I cant always just pop and catch the little stacks… )

I took off the little hubs and the bearing is stuck inside of them! I cant push it out or anything! Help?


Pencil, push it out with a pencil or the back of my x-acto knife worked