Need G5 Help!


So I have just got my G5 this morning and its great, its my first metal yey!
But I need a couple of words of advise:

  1. how can I amke my G5’s z stacks more quiet as they are really loud ATM.
  2. Just wandering how you take of your Z-stacks if you wanted to put your hubstacks on or just take them off!

Thank alot,


First congrats on your yo.

Second, your z stacks or hubstacks will be loud. Unless you lube the bearing.

Third, wrap some yoyo string around the stack and pull. Make sure you put a couple of loops around the stack.

If you want to make your Z-Stacks quieter, put some thin lube in the stack bearings.

To take off the stack part, stick your finger in between the yoyo and stack, and pry it out. There are probably other methods, but I don’t know any others.

Basically ive got to buy some lube…

The thing is I have just bought a quite expensive yoyo.
Is there anything else except lisenced yoyo lube I can use or should I just buy some lube?

Oil for instruments works very well for lubing your yoyo! If you go over to a local music store, just ask for some rotary oil or some trumpet valve oil.

It is thin enough so that it does not slow the bearing down too much but still effectively gets the job done.

If I oil my bearing, this is what I use.

And, congrats on the G5! Hope you enjoy it!

WOOOOOT!!! G5 for the win!

But yeah, Z-Stacks are loud… You can get a small bottle of Slide, Valve, and Key oil (its all the same) and just a droplet…

You just do the bearings like normal ones…

The last part of that vid has lubing…

Thanks for your help every one!

Wrap the string around the z stack and pull.

Will lubing it slow the stacks down in any way?

Maybe just a little but not too much to effect play