Remove stacks from N9


A friend just got a magicyoyo N9 in the mail and it’s super noisy, but we can’t figure out how to pull the z-stacks off the bearing to add a little lube. I tried wrapping a string around the stack post and pulling but it won’t budge. Is there a trick to it, or just more force required? The n9 is nice though, plays far better than its price would suggest.


What I do is use the back of a hammer and slowly pull it off while turning the yoyo with my hand


Managed to get the stacks off, deshielded and added a drop of lube to the stack bearings. One side is much better now but the other is still wicked noisy especially if I squeeze the caps while it’s spinning. When I spin the bearings by hand the “quiet” one definitely feels slightly smoother…I guess I could try cleaning the noisy one but my cleaning skills leave a lot to be desired…


Nice to see you getting some new throws. I’ve always found that you can use a string to wiggle the hubstacks off like this vid.

It’s a little harder with the Z stack design but still doable. As for the noise there’s not much you can do other than try a different bearing or clean it again. Might try swapping sides with the bearings and see if it’s the yoyo itself before going any farther too. It’ll always have some noise due to the stacks just like all the yoyofactorys that run the same design.


Thanks!  We figured it was the bearing and found some of the N9 stack bearings fairly cheaply (99c each), they are supposed to arrive today (got 4 to give a better chance of getting a good one).


ok so finally got the right bearings for the N9 stacks but now I’ve gone and lost an o-ring to hold one of them on. I’ve searched for the right kind but the supplied o-rings are very thin (maybe .5mm) and I can’t find anything that will work. Does anyone know the correct size and somewhere to buy them? I’m guessing an RC shop may have them if I can figure out the right size.