knocked my magic yoyo n9....please help...


hi i m quite new in yoyo-ing…
i m using magic yoyo n9
and as u know there are tranlucent plastic wheels on its both side
i just knock my yoyo accidentally on something
and now the plastic wheels/covers are not equal in height comparing both side
and the lower side is more noisy and not so smooth when i spin it using my finger…
will it affect my throwing by any means??


The stacks are not fully seated on their stacked yoyos. You can either pop the stacks off using the string method(wrap a string under there and PULL) or push them both in.

Other than that, you shouldn’t have any issues.


thanks for your reply^^
but i notice that since the incident happened, when i throw a sleeper, my yoyo will tilt towards one side very soon, which never occur in the past…
and when the yoyo is sleeping, i tried to hold the body of the yoyo then let the stacks to spin…
one of the stack (the currently higher one) is producing more noise and it stops very very soon while the lower stack is able to spin for extra 15 sec comparing to the problematic side…

is there any way to fix it??


If it’s tilting that fast, either push in the other stack or perhaps your throw is not good with this yoyo(different yoyos require slightly adjusted throws to compensate) and/or clean your main bearing.

Also, the stacks are super noise. The N9 and my T9’s and T10 and my son’s T10 are noisy. I haven’t yanked it all apart yet to clean them all out.


thanks for your advice…will try and see :slight_smile:


Remove the stacks. It makes it much smoother on the initial throw, and makes the weight much more comfortable.


i agree i actually own the t9 and it is much smoother without the hubstacks