Cleaning the N9 stacks bearing

So i have recently acquired a Magic yoyo N9 and the stacks seem to be adding a lot of noise and some vibe I believe i part to unclean bearings. I was able to remove the stacks without much difficulty, but when the stacks were removed the o ring came out leaving the bearing inside the stack. I figured this could be fixed by pushing out the bearing with a pencil. I could not manage to do this however, so I was wondering if anybody had any tips in the removal of the bearing from the N9 stack. They might be glued in and if so does anybody know if i can safely put the stack with the bearing on it in mineral spirits? I know a lot of people prefer to just play without stakcs, I would like the option of using stacks. If there is already another thread on this, If someone could just point me to it. I attempted to search for any other threads, and could not find any answering my questions. Thank you so much

If a bearing is noisy that generally indicates it is running dry. Cleaning won’t fix that. A little lube will. You should be able to get a bit in w/o removing the shields.

While I am sure that will fix the noise, I believe that grabbing the stacks is slowing down the yoyo considerably. While I realize that this will happen to some extent no matter what, I thought cleaning the bearings may help this.