Chief Problem

All of a sudden my chief bearing is making a strange grating noise and it is semi-responsive. If I give it a hard tug, it comes back. I can’t do suicides because it bashes my knuckles. I’m really kinda mad at this because tomorrow’s NER, and I need it.
I can’t clean it (I’m not allowed), and I don’t have a spare bearing. What should I do?
Is it the string? Because the string is a little old.
I blew in the bearing and that did nothing, may have made it worse. I really need help, so please respond.

I assume your parents wont allow it because of chemicals. clean it with soapy water then thin lube
also try some compressed air they sell a nontoxic form now.

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Since you aren’t allowed to clean it I’d suggest the following:

  1. deshield it and place a lint free thin cloth on a hard surface and tap the sides on top of the cloth. You may be able to dislodge some particles.

  2. Used canned air. Place the bearing on the end of a pencil and blow air through the bearing. It will spin

3 Small drop of oil in the bearing and while wearing eye protection blow canned air through it again. Somtimes you can actually use the oil to displace the garbage. However your bearing will still be responsive from the oil so use it in moderation.

  1. Play it with the shields off and remove the bearing on occasion and tap on a covered hard surface as in idea 1.

  2. If yo have another yoyo with the same sized bearing you might switch bearings as time is a factor.

Good Luck!

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A lot of times with bearings they lock up temporarily. So many people choose to clean them but you can just throw past it. If you use it for a couple of hours it should be better…

Changing your string before it gets frayed helps, but blowing it with compressed air is the only chemical free way of cleaning a bearing.

Thanks a lot guys!
I think I’m going to change the string, then play through it. if it doesn’t get better, I’ll blow it with air.
I just put it on a pen tip, then blow it with the air, right?
Again, thanks so much! This is why I love the forum. Ten minutes after requesting help, I’m given it from four people.
Thanks again, guys!

I changed the string, and the thing still plays like a freehand.
It is tug responsive, and I am contemplating if I should put some V4M lube in it.
Should I?

Don’t worry about lube yet but take the shields off so the junk can exit the bearing when you blow the air.

Besides cleaning it, switching out the bearing really is the only other option. If you don’t have spares, just take a bearing from another one of your yoyos, and put it in your Chief. If you really use your Chief that much, that would be a good choice.