Sticking bearing



I’m new to yoyoing, but I got a Popstar on Christmas, but after a day of use, the bearing started sticking 90% of the time I throw it. How do I fix this?

Thanks a ton.



Try opening it up and clean it.,871.0.html (Guide on how to clean them.)

If it’s still locking up you may need to get a new one. (But I’m not an expert on bearings.)


Teake it out, and clean it.
How to clean:

  1. Get lighter fluid or Mineral Spirits and put it in a GLASS dish.
  2. Put the bearing in the solution for about 10 minutes. (Occasionally flip/stir it)
  3. Take it out and put it on a pencil, spin it a few times to dry it comeplesety. (Can use an air compressor)
  4. LUBE THE BEARING!!! If not it coult get too hot and freeze up. (I reccomend One Drop’s lube)
  5. Screw yoyo back together and throw!

If this doesn’t work, you may need a new bearing. I recommend the KonKave or Center Trac. I also REALLY like the 10-Ball for faster play.