Huge bearing trouble.

Hello all :slight_smile:

Well i have 2 yoyos that am using at the moment, and its been a while since i cleaned the bearings, so i thought of cleaning them because its been playing a bit slow.
The problem is i CANT take the bearings out, i tried every thing, tried pliers, string & putted them in the freezer and nothing seem to work.
I have a problem with one of my yoyos which is a YYF Tactic which i installed a General-Yo AIGR Bearing and it played like WOW but it got stock since day 1 !!
the thing is i was able to remove the other bearing before, but now its not.

so i need help please guys.

Thanks in advance

Rock it lightly back and fourth. Don’t put pressure.

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this happened before to me… all i did was put some lube into the place where the bearing sits on the post, let it sit the for a night, then try turning the inner part. If it turns, then use pliers to take it off.

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so what you are saying is i have to put some lube ( kind of on the bearing seat “from the inside” )

and this wont effect the bearing seat ? even after wiping it off the bearing seat after removing the bearing ?

Thanks A lot though ;D

Take a peak here…

Scroll down to mid page. It describes another method of removing the bearing.

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