My stacks are sticking

So I just got a Grind Machine by yoyo Factory, and one stack keeps on jamming I think it is just in the plastic stack itself, and not the bearing, because when if I hold it just right then it doesn’t jam, but I try to do any tricks it jams up, and slows the yoyo down in a matter of seconds. So should I just buy a new pair of stacks, or what? Any suggestions?

You could take the plastic part off of the stack post and slightly sand down the side that faces the yo-yo.

:-\ That might just be crazy enough to work. I have seen a few notices about sanding stacks to make them fit better.

take the stacks off and leave the bearing on, if the bearing spins freely, it’s the stack’s problem. if the string gets caught, make sure the stacks are in all of the way. If that is not the case, i would recommend getting some new stacks.

What string?
They’re talking the bearings in the stacks.

Yay my grind machine comes tommorow, cant wait.

did it work?

So I took the stack off (tight little bugger I might add) and did some sanding work and it was a little better. Then I swaped the bearing, It was not the bearing. After a second attempt with the sander it works pretty good. All in all I think I am still going to buy a new pair of stacks. Maybe some rice rockets or Z stacks.

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Thanks you