Plastic Grind Machine - semi-responsive

I just got a brand new Grind Machine, and it comes back on hard tugs and during grinds. I tested the bearing, and in other yoyos it is unresponsive. Likewise, the GM stays responsive when I put other clean bearings in it. So, it has to be something other than the bearing. Is there a break in period for something else on the yoyo? or is there anything else I can do?

Give it a couple hours of play. I don’t know what pads come with the grind machine, but it’s worth a shot.

Also, try removing the bearing from the yoyo with both spacers attached. Spin the bearing. If the bearing doesn’t spin too well, there may be a problem with the spacers. If it spins fine, it’s not the spacers.

Next, put the bearing with the spacers still attached into one half of the yoyo. Flick spin the bearing. Test this on both sides. If one side causes the bearing to not spin well, check for hanging pieces of excess plastic. If you find any, trim them with a razor.

If that doesn’t fix your yoyo, let me know.

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The spacer that does not lock the bearing…I cannot get out.

When the Brg is only on the locking spacer, it spins fine, but when I put it to the other spacer (still in the yoyo) it does not spin very long.

Try to work it out with pliers. Be gentle. Then look for any abnormalities.

If you can’t get a spacer off of the bearing, use a flathead jewelers screwdriver to pry it off.

I can get the spacer that locks to the brg off, but I can’t get the other spacer out of the yoyo.

Needle nose pliers.

You can also pop the axle out and push the spacer out. If look through the hole you can see a place you can push

One of the Spacers was installed backwards. Turned it around…completely unresposive.

Wow, if it came like that from yyf, I’m very disappointed.

I think that’s why I couldn’t get the spacer out: the fat side was stuck in where the skinny side was supposed to be. It also jammed some plastic into the thread of the axle, which made it super hard to take out. I finally got it fixed with some minor damage, but, in hind sight, I probably should have sent it back.