Plastic Grind Machine Issue

I bought a plastic grind machine from ebay for $15 new. Not bad of a deal, huh? Well, anyhow i got it in yesterday and i immediately noticed this really weird problem that i havent seen in a long time. The string kept getting stuck in between the bearing and the metal spacers. This would cause the string to snap shortly after as well as causing the yoyo to come back to my hand abruptly. I would then have to unscrew the yoyo halves and undo this problem or get another string. This problem occured enough that i ended up snapping 4 strings in just 5 minutes.

I tried pushing the bearing in more until i heard a clicking sound, but that didnt work at all. I tried to tighten the yoyo even more, but that didnt work out at all. I ended up banging up the yoyo a little because the first time the string snapped on me, it hit a wall pretty hard. Its still smooth but theres some physical damage done.

i had a beysick with the string cutting problem, but the solution was to wear down the bearing seat walls down with a sandpaper. This issue feels the same but isnt. Any feedback would be great to hear.

Plastic Grind Machine has spacers that the bearing sit on… Doesn’t sound like the bearing is seating all the way in that metal bearing seat (spacer). Don’t over tighten the yoyo… Maybe want to make sure the bearing sit evenly on those bearing seat/spacers.

Best idea would be to contact the eBay Seller you purchased it from or if they can’t help, contact YoyoFactory directly. They have great customer service! :wink:

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The string should not be able to fit between the bearing and spacers on the Grind Machine, that gap should be covered by the outside wall of the bearing seat when it’s fully tightened.

If you can see anything other than the bearing (like the spacer or a gap to the side) in the string gap when it is fully tightened then it is not fully tightened. Also make sure the spacers aren’t in backwards, this would prevent the yo-yo from tightening all the way.

If it’s assembled properly, tightened all the way, and you’re still having this issue then there might be something wrong with it. The wall around the bearing seat could be cracked which would allow the string to slip between bearing and spacer and would explain the string breaking as well. I’d say just return it to the sender, seems like there’s a reason it was only $15.

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