Plastic Grind MAchine wobble :(

On tuesday, while I was in the boarding school, my classmate came into my room and tried to sit on the bed where the pillow was put and just put his feet on my bed without even giving a sign I was there! >:( So, I got irritated and tried to do round the worlds at high speed with my Plastic Grind Machine to scare him out of the room, which I soon found out that the results would be devastating. When I was doing it, my other classmate(rsmod123) suddenly shouted that my Plastic Grind Machine was going to hit the ceiling fan, so I became scared and suddenly stopped my hand and momentum when the Grind Machine was about to swing into the air(I really did not know what I was doing as I was scared :-[ ), suddenly the Plastic Grind Machine…(NOOOOOO!!!WAILS)
Yeah, you should be able to guess what happened. It sobshitsobs the fan!!! After that, rsmod123 checked the Plastic Grind Machine and found out that it the bearing seat had been damaged permanently!!! Even when I hold the hubstacks and spin it with my hands, it was wobbling badly. :’(
So, I was trying to ask you guys, what should I do with my Plastic Grind Machine now that it is not as perfect as it was anymore? :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

From what you wrote, it sounds like you guys think that like an entire half of it got bent? Or did the axle get bent?

I say don’t listen to Brian and give it to me! I wanna do a hub mod on that thing!!

It was much worse. The axle was bent AND the spacers pushed the bearing seat in, so the plastic was completely disfigured.

Wow. Crazy. The axle you can fix by getting one from a hardware store (I’ve heard that just simply a bolt and nut works) but the spacer would be harder to get out. Might be able to get it out though if you can get the axle out. Take a bolt the size of the inside diameter of the spacer and use it to pry that thing out, assuming the spacer isn’t flush or close to flush with the rest of the yoyo.

Send it to Icthus. He can mod it to give it new hubs and guts.

I agree. Icthus is THE MAN.

YAY!!! Where is it? Its not here yet! :’(