Problem with my Cliff

I’ve been yoyoing with my cliff nonstop since Christmas. It is still completely mint, but one throw it hit my elbow really hard. I didn’t think that much of it, and I kept yoyoing. After a couple more throws I noticed it had a little vibe so I unscrewed it, and screwed the axel all the way in one half. Then I started to screw the yoyo together, and it was really hard? I finally screwed it together, and on the first throw it made a lot of noise. It still does make noise and is still really hard to screw together, but there is no longer vibe.
Did I bend the axel or something? Please help. Thank you.

unscrew the axel a little bit. then screw it back together

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It’s still really hard to screw in.

make sure you have the axle and the threadings lined up

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You shouldn’t screw the axle all the way into one half. I suggest you screw the axle in so about 3/4 of it is still sticking out. Then put the other half on and start screwing it together, holding the half you started with in one hand, and twisting repeatedly with the other hand. Before it is completely screwed together, switch hands and screw it together the same way. Sorry if this is confusing. I can provide a video if needed.

Could you please provide a video?

Sure. I’ll have it up sometime within the next hour. :slight_smile:

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Thank you

I would also really appreciate the video :slight_smile:

Here is the video. Be sure to watch in HD. Rate, comment, and/or subscribe if you want. I have another video coming out soon that actually shows my skills.


Have you looked to see if the axle is bent?

Thanks for the vid!    I’ll try it when I get home.

Now the bearing won’t come out!!! I have a bearing removal tool, and it didn’t come out. Then I put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and it still won’t come out.

I recommend replacing the bearing and axle all together. When you hit your elbow the axle probably bent. And a new bearing will minimize the vibe a good amount. I recommend a OneDrop 10 Ball.

And if you’re still hitting yourself and your surroundings, you’re obviously not ready to be playing around with a 130 dollar throw.

Buy a Protostar or something…

I would agree.

After seeing a kid destroy a new in the box MVP as his first yoyo during the course of a yoyo meet(had never thrown before), it’s best to keep prices down until you can handle the more basic things, such as not hitting other things. However, if the OP bent the axle and wrecked the bearing, I’d be a bit worried about that elbow!

Nothing wrong with a Protostar or other stuff in that price range!

What is OP?

OP means Original Poster

I wouldn’t say just because he hit his elbow means he cant get expensive yoyos. I rarely ever hit anything but when i do it not usually lightly… buy a new axle and try a new bearing asap. I wouldnt ever forcefully screw together a yoyo either… if its not easy to screw together theres a chance you could strip the axle or the yoyo itself.

I still hit myself occasionally. And I’ve been throwing for a while. When I am tired, I will hit the yoyo on things occasionally. Hitting the yoyo on something doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good yoyo. It means you are accident prone.

It sounded to me like he cross-threaded the yoyo