Hubstack bearing

My hubstack bearing is too loose. It keeps falling off. What should I do?

Is your O-Ring there?


Hmm…is there something wrong with the stack itself?

Is it on a Superstar?


Its on a G.5.

did you put the oring the correct way?

I think.

I can’t tell if the oring is on but I have the same problem with my L3 on one side. I think they are just slight machining errors or something but to fix the problem you just have to get a whole oring, not the cut one the yoyos come with.

You want the first kind, but the yoyo probably came with the second kind. Mine did at least.

Well, I don’t know about a G.5, but on my friend’s Superstar, the coating of paint was originally too thick for the hubs to go on. He called Ben and Ben told him to sand down the paint underneath the nubs because the coating was a little bit too thick on some of the first runs.

Maybe your stacks slowly sanded down the paint on your G.5 and now it is too loose. I don’t really know but Ben is a really nice guy and if you call him up he might send you a new set of stacks.