PGM hubstacks

i just got my PGM and one hubstack spins better than the other. i tried lubing it and it didn’t really work. is this a defect? how can i fix it?

try cleaning and lubing both of the bearings and if that doesn’t solve it take the hubstacks apart and then put them back together. I’m not really sure if it’s a defect but if it affects plays you should consider contacting YoyoFactory or PM’ing yoyofactoryben here at YYE

Hi, I have the same problem, thus my yoyo is not spining in one line (i mean when i hold one of the stacks and spin the yoyo it spins not in one line, but is like shaking, as if the axle was curved). Should I change my hubstacks?

there’s goin’ to be some ‘vibe’ in the yo yo when you hold the hubstacks. violent shakin’, is not normal however.

i would disassemble the hubstacks (disclaimer - at your own risk). make sure the bearings can spin freely on their own. make sure the orings are sittin’ correctly. etc.



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