pgm hubstacks stop spinning neeeeeddddd hhheeellllppp

i just got a pgm 2 and i can pull start becuz the hubstacks barely spin???
if i take them off and put them back on shuld they work, if i trow the yoyo, then grab the stacks it spins for about 2 seconds…
whats wrong???

just telling u i still love the pgm, its crazy smooth and sleep times are very good :slight_smile:
and spec bearing is butter

Hmmmm i guess when your touching the hubstacks, your also touching a bit of the yoyo…This will make the yoyo stop… You might wanna try taking the hubstacks apart and putting it back together


Take a few more minutes to type out your post please…

Try cleaning the hubstack bearings. if that doesn’t work contact YYF support

Make sure you aren’t touching any part of the yoyo that isn’t the hubsatck.

Make sure your throw is strong.

Make sure you are gripping them relatively loose.

If none of those work you probably have some dead bearings. You might be able to clean them but I would recommend contacting Ben. He can probably fix it for you. His username is yoyofactoryben

cleaned it, gripped it loose, took it appart and reassembled huibstacks, better, but still terrible

Are you squeezing the hubstacks? You really need to be barely holding them… If you squeeze them hard (Every one I let try to pull start my yoyo squeezes to hard) it puts too much friction on the yoyo and slows it

not even squeezing it them, its really starting to make me frustrated :stuck_out_tongue: