Hubstack help?

I’m trying to put rice stacks on my superstar. When I put it all on, it just falls right off. I’ve tried just switching the stack part but when I do, this one keeps on a little tighter except it falls off and takes the other stuff with it. (Bearing and o ring). Any idea what to do? It has really gotten on my nerves lately.

Most likely your o-ring isn’t tight or not on correctly. They worked perfectly fine with me 888x.

I tried putting it on the 888x also and it did the same thing

Try pushing it in and out little by little. The problem is that the O ring is sliding off further into the post when you push the hub stack in. I put the O ring on the post and then just push and pull the hubstack until everything is in place. I never had a superstar, but I’m pretty sure it is the same concept on an 888x.

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Put the bearing on, the adjust the O-Ring. If it slides off easy then it’s to big, if it doesn’t fit, it’s still the wrong o ring.

So, where did you get the o ring, from the 888 or from the Rice Stacks pack?

EDIT** Read it a few more times, and it sounds like you superstar might have a defected post.

First, check the O-ring, then if that is it, look at the post, maybe even measure the opposite one and this one.

It’s possible that the dip is worn or stripped.

The dip: the round post goes down, then in a little where the o ring belongs, that could be gone or mest up.

You also could have gotten a bad rice stack, (

It came from the rice stacks. Everything is fine from what I see. It just falls off and gets stuck inside the rice stack part.

Compare both stacks for unusual differences.

Definitely is something with your O-ring. I would get a hold of yoyo expert because it sounds defective.

How can this be a vendor problem when he’s attempting to put a non-stock part (rice stacks) on a yoyo and it’s not working out?

I’m assuming he got the rice stacks from YYE. With such little room for error in the dimensions of an o-ring, I would think it would be possible that he just received one that may not fit snugly.

Use the stock O rings with the rice stacks.
If that doesn’t work, then maybe the problem isn’t the O rings.

I don’t see how it could be anything but the o-ring. He says it won’t stay on, and the o-ring would really be the only reason for that

When you push the stack into the post, you’re probably going to push the O ring along with the stack and across the post. I would just put the O ring at the tip of the post before the notch where the O ring suppose to be. That way when you push in the stack, the O ring will move with the stack and into the notch/ groove. You would still have to play with it going in and out. I had problems too and it was stock YYF stacks.

Or, apply some lube to the o-ring so the piece slips over it easily. It’s a common practice in faucet assembly/repair. In fact you could probably get by just spitting on the o-ring (seriously).

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Great idea, never thought about that. Now that I think about it, I use silicone spray in my airsoft pistols to preserve the O rings in them.