Andre Yoyo B/S/T Update (Big)

Message Me About Condition, Vibe, ect.                                        I Will Be Happy To Help Anytime

Want list Feel Free to Offer These are Some of my Favorite Throws (Not my Only Wants)
YoyoFactory-Anything above 50 dollars


What I have for trade

Playmax- Proyo 2 (2 White/Black) (1 Blue)

YoyoFactory- One Star (White)

IoIoFenix- Psy (Blue w/Yellow Splash)

YoyoFactory- Boss (Blue w/Gold Splash)

IoIoFenix- Psy (Orange/Purple) Vibe

ChicoYoyoCompany- Heavy Hitter (Black w/ Red) Vibe

YoyoFactory- Super Nova Light (Black w/Blue Speckle)

YoyoFactory- Super Nova (Yuji Edition)

YoyoFactoy- SuperG (Black Wavelength) Vibe

YoyoFactory- Super Nova (Jon Rob/Bomb Squad) B-Grade

YoyoFactory- Supernova (Black Ice) B-Grade

YoyoFactory- Severe (Purple Acid Wash)

YoyoFactory- Catalyst (Green Acid Wash)

YoyoFactory- Super G (Blue Acid Wash)

[right]The Pics.

hey i got a 2010 g5 with zstacks but one of the little orings that hold the bearing for the zstack in is broken but you can get a pair of those little orings for a dollar on this site the g5 is purple but has sanded rims and plays great with one pin prick and the onestar interests me but i would also like any h shape plastics such as northstar protostar starbrite starlite and the onestar. so if you had two of any of those yoyos id like a trade with any of those and the onestar so it would be a 90 dollar metal for a two plastics. please think of this offer because i have people who live locally and have offered clyw yoyos but i never got into clyw because i love the h shape plastic yoyofactory yoyos. if this doesnt interest you make any offer on my g5 and we can work it out.

have you ever heard of punctuation? how is he supposed to make an offer on something he can’t read? and also, please keep offers on B/S/T’s to Private Message, ONLY

 sorry i just wanted to make an offer... chill i wasnt trying to anger you

I have a aoda corral that is pretty I sanded it so it can be grindable

I’ll trade it for a one star

It costed me 67 dolars