Bad Customer Service from YoYoFactory

Has anyone else had a terrible experience with the yoyofactory customer service? Ive bought 2 yoyofactory yoyo’s so far and both have had overly tight bearing seats that have caused me to destroy the bearing to get it off. The first time i contacted them about it, it took them 3 or 4 days to respond to my email and they said they would send me another bearing but that was about 2 months ago and i have yet to receive the bearing they supposedly sent me. I then went to take the bearing out of my 2.0 to clean it and found that bearing seat was way to tight as well and had to break the bearing to get it out. I contacted through their email on their website as well as messaging yoyofactoryBen on here and havent heard anything from them since.

So has anyone else had a bad experience with their customer service or is it just me?

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I’ve heard of this problem, and the bearing seat will loosen over time and cause vibration. Buy a one drop, quality American manufacturing, and never vibrations even after years of use.


yeah i bought both the yoyofactory yoyo’s about 2 months ago and then decided i wanted to branch out to other companies and ive mainly bought CLYW and some onedrops and other small companies. After this I probably wont ever buy another yyf and if i do it certainly wont be new since they dont seem to help the customers that buy them new, so i really have no incentive to.

Watch out for the Ben flame!

Contact them like 50 more times.
with the title 'HEY YOU!!!"
They are a busy company, and you gotta go to drastic measures to get noticed sometimes.
Maybe go and post over and over on the facebook page.

Thats what I had to do with another busy company a year ago,


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If he comes in here and reads this i will be happy because then he at least responded to me this time, i messaged him last week with no response

not a bad idea lol im gonna try the email one unless ben posts in here and does something about it

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If you were running a large company you’d probably have a lot of things on your plate, too. Tight seats are common on YoyoFactory yoyos, and taking care to remove the bearing with the proper tools can eliminate a lot of risk of damage to the bearing, and eliminate the need to ever communicate the issue to them.

A few of my emails have gone unanswered for periods of time. Imagine what their inbox looks like; it must take a great deal of time to go through, with more and more stacking up in the process. If you truly think your message was skipped over, I’d send a polite reminder.

You think YYF bearing seats are tight? Im assuming you’ve never had a C3. Specificly (no idea how to spell that word :P) halo and Di Base.

Wow, I apologize for the customer service issue that you experienced. We work hard to ensure that all customer service issues get replied to and solved, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be one here and there that slips through the cracks. If your issue didn’t get solved, it never hurts to send a reminder or a follow-up email.

For the time being, email me directly at and we will get everything worked out.

I have found a phone call often gets things done.

Not always. I was dealing with a company today(data comm related, not yoyo) and I will NEVER work with them again. EVER.

The order of priority used to be:
Walk ins
Phone calls
Then Email

I know things change.

I can’t say anything positive or negative about YYF. I like what I have, I have a few more in mind for future purchases.

I also know the term “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, but I find it odd how I find the biggest swarms over piles of poop. Go figure.

My DiBase I got at CalStates came with a bearing puller… Hint? I don’t know, but it sure is a nice one!

i was using the proper tools, i started with the yoyo factory multi tool and when that failed to work i switched to the circle part of needle nose pliers.

Thank you Patrick I am going to email you right now

I’m on vacation.

For everyone else and the form on our website get answered daily. If you ever fail to get a reply there is also your retailer who is always willing to help.

2.0 was made in the USA for the patriotic out there.



I had a very recent experience with Yoyofactory customer service that I have to say was awesome. I sent in my issue on late February 10th US time. which was on Saturday my time, concerning my Yuuksta that had stripped. They replied the next Tuesday, but it was early in the morning so I’d expect that to be Monday US time. I believe the delay was because they probably don’t work on weekends, I mean everyone needs time off right. Had a short exchange with them and they actually agreed to send me a B-grade Yuuksta half, I was pretty thrilled by this.

The shipping arrived on March 1st, amazingly faster than I had expected especially since it was coming all the way from the US, and the best part was that they had actually sent me a WHOLE B-grade Yuuksta, along with some extra stuff, this was way more than I had expected so I have to say that my current impression of their customer service is very good. I’m not so sure what happened to people here but that’s just my case, it all seems to be negative so I just wanted to put a good word out here.

I’ve had pretty great customer service from yyf actually. I had a similar concept with a stuck bearing
I had a yuuksta that I got from another shop. after contacting them about the bearing being stuck, and having to send it back twice, I eventually just sent it to yyf directly. They replaced it for free, and sent me stickers, a fast holder, and some other stuff as well.


Great comic strip!

Haha I need to remember that companies have customer service! :stuck_out_tongue: I had fallen on my northstar when i tripped why playing with it and the whole thing caved in on it… I then purchased another one and my friend has it cause he moved… But I should be getting it back at the end of this month. :slight_smile:

Big surprise. I have purchased in total, Six yoyofactory products. All of them bought brand new. Four of the six were defective in one way or another. Over tight bearing seats, a cross threaded Yuuksta, among others. Each time I attempted contacting Yoyofactory to resolve the problem.
I never once got a response. I sent multiple emails each time and tried calling. All to no avail. Not even so much as a “Sorry, your burnt” did i get from them.
Needless to say, i no longer purchase their products.
I understand being a large company with lots of responsibilities but… C’mon. If you are going to sell a product, (well first off make sure it functions properly) be prepared to deal with customers.

That is, unless you are a large enough company that one lost customer isn’t going to be a deal breaker. Meh.
If i am going to purchase a hundred dollar toy, i expect it to work. 4/6 is a pretty high probable rate of failure.
Not my cup of tea.

They need to include their bearing tools with all of their yoyos…

@nicholi2789 - Actually, we are a company that very much values every single customer and we are well prepared to deal with our customers. I greatly apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced, though the majority of customer issues that we get on a daily basis are handled very well. As I mentioned to the OP, YYF is still a company made up of only a handful of dedicated yo-yo players who are trying to offer what we see as some of the best possible yo-yos. There will be mistakes and we are more than happy to work with our customers to see them off happy and enjoying our yo-yos. is my email if you want to pursue a solution with your faulty products.

@yoyomaverick - We’re working on it… Including a multitool with every single product isn’t always realistic from a cost stand point. The new 2012 Genesis / SuperNova / Superstar, however, all come packaged with a replacement SPEC bearing, replacement pads, and a multitool!