Yoyo factory is awesome!

I ordered a yyf popstar, to get the protostar deal. After receiving it, the bearing seat was too tight. I contacted yyf, and asked what to do. They said they would send me a new one, and to keep the old one because I asked Andre to sign it.

Okay so I got the package today, and I can’t believe what they sent me! I will post the pic once I get to my computer, because I am posting this through Mobil

1- yyf poster
1- yyf spec bearing
1- yyf multitool
1- yyf yyf DVD
1- yyf speed dial
1- popstar
1-yyf yoyo holder
5- 100% poly strings.
50- assorted stickers lol!
1- yyf booklet.

And the best part is…

Because I asked the contact support to please let everyone they can on the team sign the little yoyo because they are replacing it, he said a lot were on tour.

So I got 2 giant stickers of Miguel correa and Ann connoly that are signed! Wow this company is awesome!!!

I will post a pic as soon as possible. I was expecting a yoyo and got a huge box!

Thanks yoyo factory!!!

Wow! Nice man!

That’s way cool of them. Props to YYF.

I sent my G-Funk because it had the same problem, wonder if I’ll get stuff too ;D

Also, how long did it take you to get it?

I had the same issue once and all they sent me was a bearing. Then the protostar broke a week later; and my avoidance of YYF continues.
But good for them for helping somebody out.

They sent right away and took 5 days for fed ex shipping.

That’s just great. I really love hearing about the kindness of the yoyo industry and this is a nice example of it.

That’s awesome man!!

Maybe next time they’ll just make the thing right the first time.

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Had to chuckle on that one. The quality control missed the part that the bearing seat was so tight that the bearing was not even spinning ???.

I know YYF gets a ton a hate, and I personally stopped buying their products unless it is a Genesis. They have been around a long time, and nobody can take the fact away that they have great customer service.

That’s great, send them a thank you message and maybe you will get even more free stuff. :wink:

Dude! That’s really, really, REALLY cool! And really REALLY nice of YYF! Also: is the Popstar any good? I’ve been wanting one for a while. Is it cool?

I have a pop star i love it but its a little to small for me

aw really? Well thank you for the input, man.

I’ve had amazing experiences with YYF’s customer service. I had to contact them almost 10 times during the 2 years I’ve been yoyoing and they’ve treated me with respect. Well, probably because I use respectful language and none of that hard-to-deal-with language.

Don’t be a jerk and they’ll treat you well. Simple as that.

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Same thing happened to me (sort of) I bought a yoyo from JD (I won’t name the company but many of you can guess it) I ordered a YYJ Theory, Kitty string, and a Buddha Ripple Bearing two days before Valentines. When I received the package two days later, I got everything I asked for. With a BUNCH of stuff included, I got an extra THEORY, an extra BEARING, and a Pair of Unleashed, and he sent two Trifectas instead of BB Ripples. Not only that but the second Theory was modded, and autographed by JD himself. On top of that a got waaayyy to much Hi-Chew(I alway receive Hi-Chew but he sent A LOT I had 5 of each flavor). It’s always awesome when companies do nice things to show that they appreciate your business. Props to YYF for being so generous.

They should give you all that free stuff and on top of that, a date with Anne.

They sent me a replacement yoyo once… But only after I emailed them five times and got no response, then finally lost my patience and made a thread blasting them and their customer service (or lack thereof). The thread ended up getting pretty large, and only then did they respond, seemingly just to save face.
But whatever, I got my replacement so I can’t really complain. I just can’t help but think it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made it public.

My black severe’s (that I won at a contest) bearing seat was way to tight and cracked. I contacted yyf that night (1.5 months ago) and haven’t gotten anything back. Is this unusual for yyf?


No need for thanks. We try our best, sometimes, we do miss things the first time we should have got right, but we are just human…