AHHHHH my protostar is compleatly broke!!!!!!!!

YES MY PROTOSTAR IS TOTALLY BROKEN!!! I dont know what to do It totally wont unscrew and I can push one side all the way across the bearing and it was totally responsive about an hour before this happened!!! I have only had it a few weeks and I hope 40 dollar yoyos last longer than this!!!

Email Ben… I am sure he can try to help you…

EDIT: Wrong email, sorry. Here’s the right one.

Yeah, it’s broken. This only has happened to a couple of people. You just happen to be one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks I just sent him a message

On the new updated email right?

oh ya and I also contacted Andre on the yoyo expert contacts. I really hope this problem gets fixed.
and yes I used the new contacct

You really only needed to contact Ben. Then you’re going to have alot of confusion with both companies, and things get all mixed up. YoYoFactory’s customer service is possibly the best in the world, btw.

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Yeah, contact one person at a time. It’s not my problem though if you get the companies mixed up.

Ok sorry but I really want this problem solved

REMEMBER: One person at a time.

well I wont contact anyone else and I made a mistake to contact both Andre and ben

LOL, we were going hard on you. It’s totally OK, just don’t worry about that. :wink:

Cool. If you send it back to Yoyoexpert.com they will fix it for free. That’s what I do.

ya thats what ben said…

Ssshhhh… 8)

I think they will.
I also think you should buy the ministar anyways.

Buy the ministar. You will find levels of amazing yoyo that you never knew a yoyo could posses. Yes, I love my ministar. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks everyone

Way to be off topic! woohoo :stuck_out_tongue:

not really I alredy started talken bout them

How about One-Drop. Nobody seems to like One-Drop.

Nope, sorry.