Yoyofactory awesomeness

So, I’m sure you are all aware of how awesome Yoyofactory is, but I feel the need to tell you my experience with them. I have a superwide and a few weeks ago I dropped it and the axle got messed up. I messaged them to ask what kind of axle I could buy to replace it. They told me they didn’t have any for sale yet, but they wanted to send me one for free. I just got the package today and it had the axle and a bunch of stickers… hehe

They have one of the best customer service.

They really do. One time I needed a new bearing for my Supernova. So I contacted them, and I gave them my address, and they sent me a Center trac and SPEC all for free! Also one time I sent my Supernova to them to get fixed, and they sent me a bunch of stickers, pads, bearings, Yoyo holder, and 5 pack of string all for free! I’m telling you, YYF does truly have the best costumer service. :slight_smile:

That’s weird because i messaged them about my bearing not working out of the box and they never replied. I wonder why

hmm maybe they didn’t see it…?

I’ve also messaged with no reply.

+1 on a totally different level here tho

YYF are huge support to the community, DESPITE all the hate they get, they still bring back love to the people.

I for one am not a fan of their throws in general, but they’re delicious people and genuinely passionate about yoyoing.

YYF = love

I’ve had some pretty bad experience with yyf, and a few ignored emails.

the emails aren’t ignored, ben told me that they get cleared everyday and yours probably got deleted just send one again in the morning