Yoyofactory Rude Customer Service?

Have any of you had emailed yyf? They were rude to me… Any of you had this problem?

I haven’t had any contact with them but 99% of the comments I’ve seen here regarding YYF customer service has been that they’re excellent to deal with.

Depends on your definition of rude, and what you said and how you worded it.


I had an issue and they handled it real well. No complaints from me.

^ Best guys ever! No complaints :slight_smile:

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My experience has been nothing but the best. I agree with LeftyLink.

I have never had an issue with anybody at yoyofactory… they may be a little sarcastic sometimes but they are super nice.

YYF has always treated me exceptionally well. They have always been prompt with their responses, generous and incredibly helpful.

They replaced my shutter for free , no questions asked

The guys at YoYoFactory are always super nice! You may want to try again… :wink:

YYF guys are the best, they sent me 6 replacement boards for my hubstack afterglow when one died.