Just a quick post about YoYoFactory awesomeness

YYF has proven to me time and again their awesomeness as a company. My most recent example is how my 888 Classic picked up a wierd vibe from a damaged bearing seat. I communicated back and forth with them trying to come up with DIY solutions until the decision was made that it’d be best to send it in and have it looked at. Much to my sadness, the factory smoothness could not be restored, but the option was presented to me to exchange for an 888x. While I was very reluctant to give away my beloved Classic (it was the aqua w/ purple splash colorway :’(), I decided that it was probably the best option to exchange it since I had been playing it less and the vibe would have shot the resale/trade value . 2 days later, my brand new 888x arrived in the beautiful blue colorway with yellow stacks. And even much more to my delight, it was pre-equipped with a Center Trac Bearing and even included an extra spare one along with spare CBC pads!

This shows me 2 things:

  1. YYF as a manufacturer are willing to stand by their products. Despite my concerns in trading in my Classic, they more than made up for the difference in value, especially considering the value of the Classic now vs. in its original state.

  2. YYF as people are caring and take ownership of their customers’ requests. They didn’t have to include the Center Trac bearing in there, but I had mentioned to them that it’s my favorite bearing and they ran with it.

Bottom line, YYF = win.

Any other positive experiences with YYF? Please feel free to post them here.

just an awesome yoyo.

fine products are what makes a company good. customer service is what makes a company great.