Yoyo factory is awesome!

Yes we are only human. My boss always says its okay to make a mistake, but we must learn from that mistake. Which in turn, confuses the heck out of me, because she has already divorced twice in her life and dating at the moment.

Again, you’ve made me lol

This works way more often than being a jerk about stuff. I had a problem with my wife’s car that took 4 trips to the dealer to resolve. They had the car for a total of about 3 weeks over a 5 month period. I was congenial with them the whole time. Now when I take either of our cars in for service I get the red carpet treatment.

Awsome, YYF rocks!

I have personally been answering contact email this year so I can tell you all emails are replied to. If you want to email me directly my email address is below /

That’s so funny because my black severe’s bearing seat is messed up and im sending it back to YYE to see if theres actually a problem
When screwed together there don’t smoothly twist, but now its fine but ALL the bearings I put in it are now messed up

how do you contact them my shaqualer star went responsive after one day and I need to fix that but i cant unscrew the yoyo. :frowning:

If your ordered it here contact “Yoyoexpert” or “yoyofactoryben.”


Say what you will about yyf(I know I do) they have great costumer service.