Thanks YoyoeXpert!

So I just received my YYF DV888, some Thin lube and 10 Neon Green Strings! haha, But this is the thing, all of these orders were different, so I sent them an email asking to combine all of these orders into one, and I got the order 2 days later. Also I did want to add, I ordered my strings about 2 weeks ago, well the shipment ended up getting lost in the mail, emailed yye and then resent the order free of charge, and on top of that, they put the string with my new yoyo Order! you guys rock, but a few thinks im kina ticked off about, you guys diddnt sent my any STICKERS!!! lol, and my thin lube leaked all over the box haha, Its all good I love you guys! no … lol. So now ive ordered my center trac plz give me some stickers, hehe. happy presidents day! because i ordered my new bearing at 3 am on sat, and it wont be mailed until Tuesday! blahh great thinking for me. ha

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