Order Help???


last night me and my four mates got together finally and actually ordered,
we had been planning it for ages but last night was it.
i ordered the violet large bearing dv888 with string and kpads
with a kk for my hitman and silicone.

my friends got an xcon and a dark magic and one got a lyn fury
but my friend who is better than them(like me :P) got a yyf hectic(also large bearing)
i’ll get some lube of the others and ill be good:)
But, its sooooo… annnoying having to wait, were all at the same school and we were talking about it today. but the good thing is, when i ordered only last night, the email came today sayin that it will arrive in 4-6 days. my mates(azn pride) took 3 days for the email and like 4 for delivery.
mine came today and not even 24 hours afterwards.
no all i need to do is wait for that package!

were reallly excited and it came up with this tracking thing and a number
can you please tell me how to track my order??? im confused lol :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
so that would be great if you helped me
but im not even that fussed as long as it comes
ps thanks everyone for helping me choose my yoyo
im sure ill falll in love with the violet dv888
and my hitman should be great too with the kk and sili
cya ;D ???

(Astrojax) #2

finally, you got one!

(YoYoBlaze) #3

You’re getting an all metal yoyo as your 1st yoyo :o :o


He had a hitman…

(YoYoBlaze) #5

ohh :-[


you can track your order by looking at the e-mail Yoyoexpert sent you it should have a conformation number and if you click on the links on the e-mail it should tell you where your yoyo is.:slight_smile:


(Infinite Chaos) #7

My very first yoyo was an all metal. Dif-e-yo Wide Sport ;D

(JM) #8

Follow the link in the e-mail that is sent to you. It will have the tracking number as well.

(JackG) #9

dif-e-yo wide sport was also my first yoyo

(Mitch Ginder) #10

My first yoyo was an envy 64, I hate when people seem to get mad when someone else gets their metal yoyo…

(Infinite Chaos) #11

Awesome! ;D


mannn. you’re lucky you got some friends that yoyo. i have one friend that yoyos and we never chill. But congrads one the yoyo. You’ll love it


Yeh I am
i introdued them to it yhough
maybe you could intro some of ur friends to yoyoing?
thanks for the tracking help ill do that now
i hop it arrives
its brutal having to wait

thanks for the advice
this was my second actuall good yoyo lol :stuck_out_tongue:


so i found where to go to track it(my order)
and it said its been last scanned in springfield or something ???
i dont know but i think it said that
thats in america right???
so… if i ordered on monday night
got an email on tuesday morn sayin it will be here in 4-6 days
so when do you think it will arrive???
my friends took a week, irdered, got the email saying its been shipped 3 days later, and 4 days for it to be shipped

i ordered mine and it came the next morning!!!
when should it come???

oh and what is dv888’s main good things/features
example…thumb grinds, binds, stalls ect,


(JonasK) #15

It’s main feature is being good.

(YoYoBlaze) #16

Many players like the DV888 because of it’s good play. It plays smooth and has long spin times.


lol thanks for reassuring me :stuck_out_tongue:
does it have a good thumb grind lip?

and will it stay straight and not tend to tilt?
how long dothey last on the string on average???


It has a good thumb grind lip.

It will stay straight if you can throw a yoyo corectly.

Depends on the player really.


Would you buy one already? Sheesh!

(JM) #20

He did.