New Yo-Yo Thread

This was a idea of mine for a while, fairly pointless as usual but if you get a new Yo-Yo, post here and tell us about it, not a review but what it is and how you like it.

I'll start:

Hi, Today in the mail I just got My 888! It is a 07 888 with a couple of dings, but it was only 15$. Amazing but a B-grade. Has no vibe and I love it a lot, Aquaish/Blue color, incredible spins and awesome grinds.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

my bro just got a mighty flea last night i havn’t goten to try it yet but that think is so small. you don’t realize just how small it is, it’s really heavy to and he already broke one of the specal strings that come with it. can’t wait to try it :smiley:

Im getting a grind machean for my b day on the 23. i dont know how it plays but ill tell you when i get it. ;D

Keep it spinning™

last week i got my robot vs ninja moose BvM and prepro DV888 in the mail, they are both awesome players, the BvM has a tiny bit of vibe which isn’t really noticeable during play. the DV888 has zero vibe on the string but a bit of vibe on grinds but plays super awesome, really like it.

i also got a higby space themed FHZ in the mail yesterday which is super hot, not really a player as it is stock but it really is a work of art, and it came with a clear dice :wink:

About week ago I got my M1 in mail. It’s brown-yellow color, very nice looking. 10 ball is soooo smooth. It’s not broken in yet so it’s responsive. Compared to my PGM it’s tiny so it’s easy to do chopsticks. I LOVE MY M1.

I’m getting a Dark Magic. Yeah, I’m just getting a Dark Magic.

Addment: I was supposed to get an aquarius, but the Norwegian currency managed to drop really fast.

I just got a superstar yesterday, and I like it. It is fun and the beadblast finish is great. spins long too. the red color looks awesome.

Well, 15 days ago, I got my Skyline.

WHAT??? How Did I not know that!?!?!??!!??

She twittered it. :smiley:
Ah Evan, you’re so silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Of Course!!! I mean, the first thing I do when I get home is check my twitter like 29% of the world, I must’ve been on FaceBook or MySpace…

But Awesome…

hi,and I havent gotten any yoyos in a while,but plan to get a DM and a mighty flea

received my orange aqua splash 888 this week and loving it each and every minute…:slight_smile:

although, i’ve been noticing the splash along the gap is fading…any way to prevent this??

try not to grind too much,but if you arent grinding,there isnt much you can do,sorry,but we arwe getting off topic. 8)

  1. Do your palms get sweaty? That is why Legacy caps fade. Might cause the Splah also…

  2. I want to get a new Aquarius or OS yoyo soon.

occasionally…i hope BAC sells some gloves

Nicee Kim-Lan!!! I got my skyline like 3-4 weeks ago and it still plays like a dream!! ;D :smiley:

Just the other day I recived my DV888 in the mail i’m so happy cause its my first metal so yah and I feel that was metals you can improve so much faster…well at least thats what I think I alread made up some new tricks

The yoyo is just perfect not responsive and doesn’t get caught on string and I can do real nice and easy grinds

ordered a DV888 yesterday i cant wait to rock it!

i gotz the pgm and the xvict. i like the pgm better due to better sleep time and smoothness. but im ordering a koncave for my xvict so it will be better. maybe it will even be better than my pgm. ;D

anyway, i like the pgm A LOT! FAV CHEEP YO! i love the xvict too. i like the shape of the xvict better than the pgm. bolth are verry good. i recomend bolth. :o

apuaris is the best 4a yo. just get some shims caz the gap is like as thin as my yo string. :wink: i think i might even get some synergy caps for it. :slight_smile: