Offsetyoyo shipping

How long does offsetyoyo take to ship to USA? How often does the tracking number update?

10-12 business days. Tracking updates happen once every day or 2 but are more frequent when closer.

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I havent gotten an update. It still says Australia Post MyPost Buisness.

It shipped 2 days ago but no update.

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i’ve ordered from offset on 5 different occasions, each time takes about a month from order date to arrival on my doorstep. a lot of time is consumed in customs, which for my route aways ends up in Chicago and they take their sweet time. Aus post is usually pretty quick to get it handed off to the air carrier but the air carrier also lags a bit.

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Im in east Tennessee. Im kinda close to an airport. Takes about 2 or 3 days depending on where i order from.

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1 month?! Dang, I have like no patience.

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the first time i ordered, yeah i was dying for it to arrive lol. but afterward it’s just one of those things where i submit an order and just forget about it until it shows up. it’s no help stressing about it if there isn’t much else you can do


I really want a yoyo. I ordered the ascent. First time ever yoyoing, might try getting a $15 or something from walmart yoyo while waiting. Not one that is shaped like a $1 yoyo, instead one of the butterfly shaped ones. Is it a good idea to kill time by doing that?


Also, do i so anything with the tracking number? Or is it just for the shippers.

Aus Post tracking will show you the movement within australia, when it lands in the states the same tracking number can be used in the USPS tracking system

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What do you mean by show? Also, do you mind telling me whether killing time by getting a walmart yoyo is a good idea?

if you order from yoyoexpert today you most likely will have the yoyo by Friday. I recommend ordering one of these SnapBack YoYo by YoYoExpert

Most yoyos in stores like Walmart aren’t worth it in my opinion.


Not even the butterfly shaped ones? Im new to the yoyo community

then yea the $3-4 Duncan butterflys found at target and Walmart can be a great purchase to see if you like yo-yoing and want to continue. My first 2 yoyos were the Duncan imperial and butterfly I got at Walmart.


Im just tryna kill time and take my mind off the shipping time.

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Cool! Ill try to get one myself for like you said, 3-4 dollar yoyo butterfly shaped. Also, how did they feel? Feel any different than the more expensive? Were they responsive or unresponsive?

Hey man welcome to the forum and to yoyo all together! While you’re waiting for your Offset (great choice, Brandon Vu is an awesome guy to support), you could check your local Target if you have one near you, they usually have Duncan Butterfly XTs. Great little beginner yoyo but it’s got a ball bearing instead of a fixed axle. This will allow the yoyo to spin longer and make it easier to get you going and throwing down some tricks. Or if you have a Hobby Lobby or something similar close, they sometimes have YYF Whips which are also a great beginner throw. A classic Butterfly is absolutely okay to pick up and learn on, just not the easiest after you learn the basic throw and catch, rock the baby etc.


Rock the baby looks confusing. I might get one from walmart on the site because im at my grandmothers and she is going to work at dollar general. Im staying at her apartment.

You may be tempted to buy a dollar store yoyo, and you should not do that. Those dollar store yoyos are trash. At one point was doing cool things with them, but straight from the dollar store, they aren’t worth the time.