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Yeah, dollar store yoyo’s are :face_vomiting:.

Duncan Butterfly and Buttefly XT are responsive. They will feel quite different from higher end responsive yoyos, like the MK1 RBC or DocPop Weekender. Most people are still recommending that people start with responsive yoyos first, although there are some who think that the binding trick needed to bring an unresponsive yoyo back to your hand isn’t that hard to learn.

I haven’t tried the Snapback or the Spinstar, but I hear really great things about them from lots of people. I imagine those are both a little easier in some ways than the Butterfly XT, mostly because the Butterfly XT has really high walls. Those high walls make some things easier (regeneration tricks) and other things a little harder (rock the baby). Because it’s easy for the string to rub against the inside of the yoyo, which causes it to slow down and turn.

Generally speaking though, there are “diminishing returns” on spending more than $50-60 on a yoyo. Not to say that there isn’t a good reason to spend more than on it, but the difference between a $10 metal unresponsive yoyo (my friend’s daughter was given one, and i found it to be pretty unpleasant) and a $30-40 metal unresponsive yoyo is dramatic. The quality difference between a good $50 metal unresponsive yoyo and a $100 monometal yoyo is not as dramatic.

Thank you! I ordered a responsive yoyo from offsetyoyo. It can also be unresponsive. Also, if i want to learn new tricks should i use youtube to learn them? Like rock the baby.

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First of all, do yourself a favor, slow down and calm down, or you’re gonna burn out before you even get started.

I’m not sure how you landed in this forum? But I’m kind of puzzled about why you’re asking or suggestion you watch YouTube videos when this site started as a how to learn tricks site.

Scroll to the top of the forum where you see the word forum. Look to the left. You see three little horizontal bars. Click on that. It’ll bring up a menu. One of the options on the menu. Says learn. Click on that. There are plenty of tricks That you can learn starting from the very beginning to pretty advanced tricks.

Andre, the guy that started this site is pretty darn good at teaching people how to do tricks. There’s nothing wrong with YouTube videos. But you don’t need to see YouTube videos now we’re just about anything that you need is available through this site.

Secondly, you are overclocking your thinking process. Obviously you’re just a kid and you live at your grandmas. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If things are going well and you’re happy there that seems like the perfect recipe at this time in your life.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a real cheap yo-yo to pass the time. One of the best suggestions that has been given to you so far is to order a snapback from YoYoExpert. It will run circles around any basic yo-yo that you could get at some local store. Let me put it this way, if you go to a big store that sells vegetables, breakfast cereal, and low-fat milk, you are not going to find a good yo-yo there.

You can get countless testimonials from older people on this forum that they learned with the most basic rudimentary primitive primeval contraptions that appear to be similar to yoyos and now they can do spirit bomb behind their back with their eyes closed.

Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have the time inclination or patience to attempt the amazing miracles that these geniuses have accomplished in the last four centuries.

Realize the reality of the situation. If you don’t even have the patience… If you haven’t developed the patience to wait for a yo-yo to arrive in the mail, then you certainly are not gonna have the patience to struggle with a cheap yo-yo while you’re waiting.

Patience is not something that most people are born with. Patience is something that you develop overtime. You shouldn’t feel bad or embarrassed if you were an impatient person. You will learn patience as you go along.

But you can’t go into a Weight room and ask everybody how long until you can lift a 1000 pounds?

Just like yo-yo, you start small and work your way up.

The finish line is at the end of the race. It’s not at the mailbox on the front of Grandmas apartment.

I will do you a favor. Ask your Grandma if it’s ok for me to send you a SnapBack? Or…. I will just order one for you from YoYoExpert and have Andre send it to you.

Peanuts to me… I’ve helped people here and there for a few decades now.

Just let me know before your brain melts.

Yo-yoing is supposed to be fun. Yo-yoing is fun. Yo-yo in can be a lot of fun. That being said, throwing yo-yos is supposed to be a challenge it’s not supposed to be an obstacle. If you get too wound up about the situation, you’ll be gone before we ever hear of you learning anything.


There’s lots of trick videos. Both YoyoExpert (here) and Yoyo Tricks have a large catalog of videos.

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My mom for some reason doesn’t trust or believe that the yoyo giving is real.


Ok…… ask your Mom to click on this link> click on my name in ‘Red’

I am pretty much known by people in various civilized Countries all over the planet Earth.

Contact YoYoExpert. The Owner(Andre Boulay) calls me Uncle.

Contact the Bird in Hand Toy Store in Chico California. Ask for Thad or Bob Molowney. Bob is the Owner of the Store that also houses the Nation Yoyo Museum. Not only are some of my custom yo-yos on display in the Museum, but my name is etched on a perpetual plaque in the Store. Ask either one of them if I kid around.

Show your parents this image. I’m setting up my own yo-yo museum in one of my houses.

I’ve been helping people with yo-yo related situations since about 1997.

I understand your Mom could be skeptical. Nothing wrong with that. But if I was up to ‘something’ posting on a forum certainly wouldn’t be the best option, lol.

I don’t have the time, money or inclination to help ‘everybody’.

I selectively help as I feel it’s necessary. I decided to help you because I want you to have fun yo-yoing before you just get frustrated from waiting for your mail or using a cheap yo-yo that will just upset you because it doesn’t play well.

That’s all. Good luck.


What does clicking the link do?

I want my mom to feel a lot more certain about it. That it is real and not a scam or something. So what does clicking the link do?

Lmao dude it’s a link to an article on the YoYo Wiki, it’s like the Wikipedia of yoyoing… you should check it out - tons of info on there. The article itself is on Mo (the guy who posted the link), he just wanted to show you that he’s a very well known, long time member of the community. You’re all good bro, relax lol


He’s the real deal. Send an email to with your yoyoexpert username and explain that yoyodoc has offered to buy you a snapback yoyo. That email is the official email to get help from yoyoexpert and will help your parents in believing you that it’s legit.


I’m in California. Both my Offsetyoyo orders arrived 1 week after ordering.

She is ok with you sending me a snapback yoyo.