shipping question

i know standard shipping is 2-3 days but if i ordered a yoyo on wednesday evening, standard shipping, would i receive it by saturday? i live in houston tx. any one from houston familiar with shipping time?

It should.

how come shipping to australia is so expensive?

because the distance and cause its over seas in a different country.

No because yye closes at 2 i believe and they will ship out tomorrow and USPS doesn’t ship out on sat or sun so you will get it definitely on Monday.

this is correct but on saturday they do ship.

you dont get mail on sat or sun

i get mail on saturday not sunday.

Well, if you mean that you ordered from yoyoexpert I would expect you would receive it Monday. My experiences here have always been favorable. For some reason though, Saturday delivery seems to skip a day in the 2 to 3 day shipping expectation thing from any online site. I think that’s a USPS thing. Again, that’s assuming you ordered from YYE. An international order would take a bit longer. :slight_smile:

I ordered from YYE and I live in Australia I used the express shipping and it came in 4 days

My new yoyo the Punchline just arrived today in the mail. And it is Saturday. But yes, post offices are closed on Sunday, but not Saturday. :wink:

~James Reed!

i ordered an 888 7/30 to arizona, what day will it come?

I also live near Houston and my orders normally arrive 2 days after they ship… unless sunday or some holiday gets in the way.

yeah but on a different site its only $8 and it in the U.S

I ordered a Big-Yo on a Saturday and got it Monday :o and it was standard Shipping!

I think that there’s a new law that says that post offcices will close on Saturdays and Sundays in 2011.