how long does shipping take


i ordered my package yesterday night the shipping label got made today and im wondering i live in rode island how long would shipping be for me…i also got the cheapest shipping for 3 dollars


Usually usps takes 2-3 days for me.


where do you live tho…yye is in Massachusetts and i live in rhode island so i want a extemated time for me


I live in va. But when I ship to other people it usually takes 2-3 days to get to them no matter where they live in the us.


really? wouldn’t the distance make a difference


Not usually. Just be patient I can almost guarantee that once they ship it it will be there in 2-3 days.


also one more question…do they do anything on Saturdays usps wise so then i would get my package Tuesday


Yes they run on Saturday.


The post office never sleeps. :wink:


I thought they don’t run on Sunday?


if they dont sleep on sunday that would be epic


The back office works 24x7 at the regional centers, local post offices probably not. Mail delivery does not, except they do deliver amazon goods on Sunday.


. That is simply not at all true.

Postal workers work best while they are sleeping.

Because when they are sleeping; they think they are dreaming that they are working. And people tend to do amazing things in their sleep.

When they are awake; they are too lazy to do anything.

The ones you see at the Post office are sleep walking. The ones you can’t see are sleeping on beds made of bubble wrap.

Good news is they never steal your yoyos.

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Takes 2 days for me and I live on the west coast


This is the funniest post I have ever seen on this forum. I literally read it out loud to the people in the room with me😄


For me (living in CA) - I placed an order Wednesday night, paid for the cheapest shipping option possible (because I’m cheap like that) and my goods shipped out Thursday. I had them arrive 2 days later, on Saturday.

Yet another reason why I hit up YYE for my orders, they’re reliable and consistent on items being shipped out.


Sooo, you have first hand experience with this??


My orders have taken as long as 7 days, my popstar I got a few days ago took 5 days counting Sunday, but 4 working days.


Honestly, I assume, about a week


This is my first hand 'real experience> delivery in less than 3 full days. YYE is very fast in most instances