Quick Shipping Question


What is parcel post? How long does it take to arrive? Please answer ASAP.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


YYE uses USPS Priority Mail whenever possible. From East Coast to West Coast, I get my packages typically in 3 days. I expect to get my package that shipped today(Black Friday) to most likely arrive Monday, but I’m fine with Tuesday or Wednesday. When it comes to yyoyo stuff, I am a very patient person. Since time is never of the essence, I rarely worry about shipping time.

Also, similar timelines in packages coming from Florida.

Parcel Post is another USPS service offering, typically for packages not sent by Priority Mal. It think it’s some sort of special 4th Class rate. Expect 5-7 days for the most part.

Also, now that the holidays have fallen upon us, we have the first bump of shipping insanity known as Black Friday. Even worse is Cyber-Monday, which is almost entirely done online and shipped. Then, in about a week, there is the initial flood of holiday cards sent out, which can also include the first batches of packages being sent person to person. From December 1 to the 16th, it’s nuts for the post office. Then, by the 28th, there’s the flood of “thank you” cards. Well, hopefully on that last part. What I am getting at is that you can expect delays in all services from now until the end of the year due to the holiday mail rush. Priority Mail feels this the least but it also is affected.

Anything outside the United States can be delayed tremendously, but incoming and outgoing. What doesn’t make sense is Mexico and Canada are affected as well in regards to mail between those countries and the United States.

I hope this helps.



So basically if I ordered today I’d get it Next Sat. (If I got lucky) or I’d get it Next Monday


I don’t know. Depends where you’re located and where the package is coming from.




Depending on how things go, I’ve had parcel post arrive coast to coast as little as 4 days. 7 is more normal for me. My area, near Sacramento, is notorious for an additional 2 day delay, but that issue is being addressed and they are working to resolve it. It really depends on the luck of the draw.

The problem? People in my area don’t know where we live. We’re being forced to accept the reality of our situation. At the same time, we’re also forcing other areas to accept the same reality so we can stop being nailed for taxes that we shouldn’t have to pay.

Personally, I prefer the convenience of Priority Mail, but not due to shipping speed, but more for the convenience of the “if it fits, it ships” that they’ve been marketing to us.

Best of luck.


My dad works in Sacramento might visit ya sometime I live in SJ btw

I was going to go with priority shipping but I had a yyj bag so that’s the reason it’s expensive (priority was $45!!!) so me and my dad always go with the cheapest shipping method (parcel was $12 so much for cheap)

Hope it gets here soon really need them for a talent show


Wow. I didn’t realize the shipping was so expensive. When I ordered the YYJ medium bags, and the 8-hole competition bag, I didn’t pay any extra shipping(separate orders). When I ordered the 24-hole bag for a friend, that one bumped me to I think the $10.95 priority mail. There were a few other items in any of those orders.

Yeah, always choose the cheapest route for shipping unless there’s a real need to have to get it fast.

I just checked into this, and I’m assuming with that price, it’s probably boxed so it’s just flat out big and doesn’t fit in the flat rate priority mail boxes. I also checked shipping an 1st Class is only $3 more, so if you want it in 5-6 days, there you go. But if you don’t mind an extra couple of days, Parcel post is the way to go.

When is the talent show?

And if you’re going to be in the Sacramento area, hit me up a few days ahead of time and see if I’m around.

I also have a group on Facebook:


Trying to arrange meets but my schedule is all screwy.


Wait send me your Facebook through a PM ill send a request I’m bored