Am I the only one this happens to?

Ok so I’m waiting for a YoYo in the mail (USPS) it has 2-day shipping on it (date of arrival being February 12 today) and yet without fail my packages are always at least a day late. So my question stands, Does it happen to you?

I’ve all but given up on the accuracy of the USPS’ delivery estimates. 2-Day is a joke. They used to classify Priority shipping as 2-3 days, but now they’ve seemed to change it to just 2-day. Yet it’s almost always 3 days in my experience. I don’t mind it much, though. I can wait an extra day or two for a yoyo to come in the mail; it’s not like I don’t have others :slight_smile:

Don’t wast your money on the 2 day shipping. Just use usps. It semms to come faster then ups/fedex and it’s cheaper too!

Good point, but it is still frustrating when your expecting something to show up.

I always use free shipping, because I can wait for a yoyo since I can play with my others, but in your case that would be frustrating since you paid for it and it did not arrive. I am no mail expert so I would not know why that happens, but it should arrive when it states it will.

Once ordered during a snow storm I understand that it is a hard job but when it is like 3 days past the 2 day shipping you tend to get mad.

One of my packages I shipped was supposed to be at the guys house, Monday, now it’s Wednesday and nothing.

i think that guy happens to be me but now turning it over in my brain i think it was delayed due to a big snowstorm we had. they sent it up to washington instead of straight to Portland or woodburn like normal. the Willamette Valley in Oregon rarely gets snow so when they do everything shuts down.