USPS Sucks!!!!

I’m so frustrated…I paid $25 to have my order here today on my day off and it was supposed to be here by 3pm…well needless to say in typical USPOS fashion…it’s not even in the same STATE!!! GRRRRRR…I will NEVER pay for 1 day shipping EVER again unless it’s fedex. So now with the long work week god knows when I’ll be able to actually play with any of it when/if it does show up. …end of rant

on a positive note…YYE is refunding the cost of shipping…ty YYE

Is it YYE’s fault for not shipping the selected method or USPS’ for not doing what you asked of them.

FYI, it’s really hard to ship things across this large country in one day.

It’s not in any way YYE’s fault…however to get a refund for shipping you have to go through the company you ordered from…otherwise i’d gladly go straight to usps for it

I usually just go for the 2-day priority, gets cross country in a reasonable amount of time. Ordered my Vanguard Monday, will be here tomorrow (left YYE yesterday as I ordered Monday night).

“First Class” (or as I like to call it “Worst Class”) seems to be a hit and a miss and a lot of “leaving me in the dark” as they aren’t obligated to scan your package - had been left in limbo when buying from the BST and have had delays even from buying things within the SF Bay Area from a location less than an hour away - 3 days later it arrives since there’s a bunch of lag time during transit.

Yeah I don’t usually order expedited shipping…but since i knew i was off today and work long hours the rest of the week…i was really excited to play today…pretty bummed now

That sux. I feel your frustration. YYE takes good care of their people though, so there’s that.

Sorry about that mdmccormick, that’s a bummer. USPS likes to say their express shipping is 1 day, but in reality it’s 1-2 days. Go with FedEx next time, they guarantee 1 day shipping.

Yeah to be honest when i ordered i didn’t even pay attention to who it was going through…I didn’t even realize I could pick what company it came through…If so I’ll certainly see about choosing a different option on future orders.

I’ve had pretty good experience with USPS so far. That one hub in Cali is pretty bad though, they like to hold the package extra long for whatever reason. It sucks because half of the things I buy or send goes through that one Cali hub.

I am sorry for your frustration. It is possible, however, that this was not the fault of the USPS. There are time limits and cut-offs that need to be met in order to get the fastest service. My suspicion s that the package was not delivered to the post-office by the required time to qualify for overnight delivery. The one area that the USPS will drop the ball is that they will accept the package regardless. FedEx, would tell you they can no-longer guarantee overnight because of the time when they receive it - so you know. The USPS will only tell you that if you ask.

My experience with the US Postal service has been, so far, awesome. They have done all I have expected of them.

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I have to agree that they have done a pretty good job overall. I have had a lot of dealings with them. I’ve complained about a few things, but they always turned out okay in the end. And, when I count all the dealings with them, in my entire life, I can only think of two or three real issues that were ultimately resolved.

I do wish they were more upfront about not guaranteeing that two day Priority shipping, or overnight shipping in your case. It’s all in the fine print, and I hate fine print. But, it’s just a business anyway, and they are trying to sell their services. So, I think we’ll be putting up with that for awhile.

The USPS handles 212 billion pieces of mail a year.

Divided by 365; that comes out to 580,821,918 items per ‘day’.

Five hundred eighty million, eight hundred and twenty one thousand, nine hundred eighteen…

So… I’m thinking most likely; somebody musta called in sick.

And they just couldn’t handle the workload😳


Yeah never pay for next day/ 1 day shipping. I ordered a 1200 lens for my camera once and payed $50 bucks for next day didn’t get that sucker for a week >:(