Fed up with USPS

I’ve had hella problems with USPS’s tracking number system, delivery time, constantly losing my packages, etc. I was wondering if anyone else would like to see YYE allow us to ship with UPS.

UPS is even worse, my friend. And it costs more. I think…

From personal experiance its been better for me. It costs less because YYE sends it in those flat rate boxes I think.

I’ve had a lot better expirience with USPS. Never lots a package with them. Lost two with UPS

UPS also takes forever to get to me. Even when its in the neighboring state. It took a week plus to get my maverick. It took 3 days to get my new breed with a hundred strings. Both from around the same area.

It seems like you guys are probably doing something wrong if you’re losing that many packages, at least with USPS. I’ve shipped dozens of packages, all with USPS, and have only had problems when I put the addresses in the wrong order (To first and From second instead of From first and To second)

UPS costs 6 dollars I’m pretty sure, and I have had a prob with time but that’s all nothing else

DHL maybe?

i heard its better for overseas ;D

I’ve lost -thousands- of dollars worth of products with USPS, I despise them greatly. However, I still use them since they’re the most convenient. (and all the problems I had were while living in florida, not much of an issue since being back in texas)

UPS I’ve had similar problems with, but usually it’s just things showing up unreasonably late.

FedEx has never been a problem, but they’re expensive for small items.


my package comes 13 or 21 days cause im here in saudi but im a filipino so long time,i want to live in america 2-3 days delivered already

The only problem I have had with ordering through YYE is at the post office I was charged 25$ on top of paying 30$ for shipping.



I’ve had no problem with USPS. I have gotten Priority mail in a week, that was amazing.

Same here.
Well, more than enough to but x-convict, dingo, or zen.



Just sayin’

I usually get my priority packages in a week, and I live in the US, not that big of a deal I guess. I would just like more options… And USPS is a pain to deal with insurance. UPS is a little bit better.

I never had a problem with USPS i ordered a 888x from YYE and it came next day and i lve in michigan.

P.S It was shipped priority to.