What did you get in the mail this week? (2010-2011)

what? ;D :wink:

Uhm none.

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general yo hattrick and a tafe certificate.

Punchline is coming in about 2 days.

superstar 8) teal blue acid wash!

got an aqurius from jayyo



Uhm, lets see.

New amp, Aquarius, G&E3.

Thats it for this week

Well, if last sunday count, its hicoo audey inca, and nothing again for a looong time.

I hope you gonna love it liz, its one of my favourite throw.

Hope for something… but apparently nothing is coming DX

2 AIGR bearings from Ernie.

getting my black/ red hatrick

will not in the mail but a red vans of the wll shoes ;D

Took our adivce, eh?

I got an ILYY Falcon yesterday and am expecting my win sauce One Drop P2 any day now.

I got a string from metal man!


A Happy Birthday Greeting from my Doctor! LOL

flea string and testers from yoyogstring, can’t wait!

i should be getting my bid deal any day now! can’t wait :slight_smile:

got some jimmy hats for my XXXXL today.

My BIG DEAL! Also a 100 pack of orange flea string. CANT WAIT!!!