New YYF Superstar.. anyone excited about it?

For 79 bucks im definitely going to pick one up.

Yes I think it looks wonderful.

I think the Blue looks fantastic.

I think im going for the Team Edition.

I might grab one if it is available in green during the Black Friday Sale.

Even with the discount, it would be over $60 though…which is my personal limit. I might have to make an exception, LOL. If it doesn’t come in green by then, I will probably get a green G-Funk instead.

^ get the Czechmate. I couldn’t wait any longer so I just ordered that instead.

What do you mean “couldn’t wait any longer” like you can’t wait 2 more days?!?

You would be surprised at the lack of patience shown in general these days.

I have yoyos that have sat around since my National YoYoDay order that haven’t gotten any attention yet. I’ve had items I’ve bought an then since new things were dropping, to save postage, I let the orders add up and then ship a few weeks later.

I got no problem waiting for a yoyo to drop. Only thing I dislike are small runs and not getting the item I want. That is life though.

If luck is with me, I’ll have secured and paid for a red SuperStar by tomorrow!

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I would really love if they made a clear ano/silver one. Basically like the Team Edition, but both halves would be clear anodized /silver. Not usually a fan of that color scheme, but I feel it would look awesome on the Superstar.

I completely agree. But, I’m also not a fan of halves that don’t match. It does look nice, the silver/blue(two of my favorite colors).

Silver/silver would look awesome on the SuperStar. They did it for the Champions Edition. I think they want the new SuperStar to pop a bit more, and the blue/silver will do that. I think on stage though, especially since it’s a dark backdrop, silver/silver(or clear/clear, whatever) is the way to go.

Wait, what’s the team edition colorway you guys are talking about?

go check out the yye store, its the half blue and half silver one

I actually kinda wanted it to have hubstacks… I feel like im alone on this, right?

Oh okay thanks, it looks cool, but I’d get blue.

Funny that you say that. It was amongst my considerations (that is, Superstar, G-Funk, and Czech Mate). I probably will get the Superstar if it comes in green though.

Little too wide… I wish they’d max out the width at 44mm.

Alas, I’m sure it plays well. But yoyo’s starting to cross the boundaries of looking like diabolos makes me a little uncomfortable unless they have the diameter to match the proportions.

The only two yoyos that I’ve seen so far that really look like diabolos are the Chico YoYoCompany’s ZRO and the YYJ Big Yo.

The H3X and the Triton do have some similarities though, just of stuff that pops to mind immediately.

So far, unless we’re actually going for yoyos that are wider than they have diameter, I honestly don’t see any diabolo “action” going on.

That reminds me, I need to go arrange for a ZRO to be sent to me.

It does hubstacks. U know the little rolly thing on the middle of your mouse? Use it to scroll down! (Pro tip)

The older SuperStar has stacks.

The reason the new SuperStar doesn’t is because it’s designed to meet the needs of modern competition, which changed a lot since 2008 when the original SuperStar came out. With YYF team players winning big with it at major contests, this yoyo that wasn’t going to go into production suddenly became a production model. However, at contests, they weren’t playing with the yoyos being stacked.

Notice the Champions Edition SuperStar(want one, someone sell me one) has the stack posts, but no stacks?

The new SuperStar(2013) doesn’t have stacks or stack posts, since the area is needed for gyro-type tricks. It’s wider for better horizontal play stability. The V-shape goes right to the response recess for better performance for horizontal play, rather than having a small wall like the 2008 version has.

I’ve only been at this yoyo stuff for 2 years, almost 2 and a half now. Even then, a LOT has changed. Horizontal play went from “OGM” and only the top players doing it, to it now being a competition mandate to score points if you’re serious about winning, or at least it seems that way.

I couldn’t make a run to the bank to make a deposit(I mostly operate cash and carry these days), so I haven’t ordered one of these yet. Hopefully there is a red one waiting for me.

Played this thing a few days back. Plays exactly how I wanted it too, stupidly stable and smooth but without feeling like just another japanesey yoyo. It still has that little something that made the original superstar so great.

Standard competition yoyo’s, in terms of width relative to the diameter, is increasing.
Using the diabolo was just an exaggerated example. I don’t think we would ever get to the point where the width would be larger than the diameter.

I remember when the Solaris came out… people were saying it was too narrow.
40mm too narrow? Pretty wild. Probably SPYY’s second best throw.

But just my 2 cents.

A few people are using super-wide yoyos, but with the new designs, the need for super-wide isn’t quite as necessary anymore. I have noticed that diameter is starting to increase a little bit, as well as width. I think companies are just needing a bit more room for their designs to come out decent. I also think that with modern high-risk play and horizontal, modern players need the proportions altered.

I will agree with your assessment on the Solaris. That is an amazing yoyo. I’m not sure what you feel their best throw is. Of what I have though, I think it’s my favorite SPYY, but I am liking the Amplifier more with each passing day.