New Superstar

I am stoked about the changes of the Superstar. I loved the older ones, especially the 7075 ones but I like the new wider catch zone and narrow sides, horizontal play should be awesome.

Couldn’t agree more! The only real problems with the Superstar were it’s high walls and narrow width. Can’t wait to try out this new one! :slight_smile:

yeah, i think they corrected everything necessary. I am going to make sure and get the team edition one, i like something a little rare.

I’m patiently waiting for one as well. I think it looks like a great Yoyo.

I was fortunate enough to try one out at a local meet in London and I was very impressed. It is a lot wider than I realised (its very wide in fact), and it was surprised when I threw it just how smoothly it played. It was an absolute delight to throw and performance wise I found it noticeably better than the old Superstar. The one I tried had the YYF blue “grippy” pads in, I’m not sure if those are going to come stock with it or not because I’m not the biggest fan of them, but if this is the case I’ll be swapping mine out for some of the YYF Natural Pads.

Obviously I’m not going to be all “Oh my dayz, its just incredible, you MUST have one”, because with all throws it’s all down to preference, and there may be people who buy one and find that it doesn’t really work for them. However I thought it was fantastic, I definitely plan on picking one up when they’re released, and I feel that the many other people that do will not be dissapointed. =)

Ps. I know there’s no way of saying “I tried one” without sounding like I’m trying to show off, which isn’t my intention. I’m only bringing it up so that I could pass on my impressions of it, as at this point when we have nothing review-wise I’m sure any information is welcome.


I was able to try it out when the yyf crew was in town for the weekend last week. It was amazing. I am definitely going to buy one. I hope I can buy one before I head to worlds.

I should ask anyone at club to try one after it comes out. The width scares me ~

According to YYF, it releases August 1,and will be around $80, which is really reasonable.

I was talking to Patrick Mitchell a couple of weeks ago about this item. I am quite excited about this.

Basically, it’s what you said: they corrected everything necessary. Those who were competing with it and winning championships removed the stacks anyways, so no need for stacks or stack posts. Plus, stack posts are now in the way for gyro grinds, so they have to go. The mid-wall is not as conducive for horizontal play, so they removed those. They wanted a bit wider so, they made it wider.

Note, I’m after the silver team one because I like the looks but I can settle for the blue or red. I still am looking for a store that is carrying the Champion Edition regular Superstar as I’m too lazy to scoure BST for one.

(note for BST’ers: I don’t need the box, but I want that yoyo in as near mint condition as possible. Hit me up!!)

I don’t get as excited about YYF throws as a lot of other people do. This one I am excited over. Despite there being many YYF models I don’t care for, there are plenty that I do enjoy.

I’m extremely interested in this throw, the silver blast in particular looks great to me. The only thing that puts up red flags and scares me a bit is the absolutely giant width.

I wouldn’t worry about the extra width too much. It’s not really a “superwide”, just really a “a bit wider than average”. This will help with horizontal play.

It should only take you a few throws to adjust to the width.

Any guesses on width? The summit is like 46, so is it wider?

I’m not 100% sure. The width of the old Superstar was 40.89mm or pretty much 41mm, and you can see in this photo the size difference:

The new one looks at least at least 44mm+ or so.

It’s 46mm. And all of you worried about the width, the Summit was the same width and I never saw a single complaint so take a chill pill

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Really like the looks of this! Width seems pretty good to me…

The specs are as follows:

56.00mm diameter
46.6mm wide
66.9 grams

I got those from somewhere else here I think.

The width isn’t that wide. I think it should feel pretty good held and should play really good. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. I don’t think it will be in this case.

No bro, I love the summit. 45-46 is perfect for me :slight_smile:

Honestly I didn’t realize it was that wide, but I don’t think it will make a noticeable difference to me from say my supernova. I’m still pretty excited.