Overly tightened yoyo out of the box. Is this normal???


I just bought a YYF dv888 at the mall, and I got home and was playing with it, (throws great) and I got a knot in it, I was like no big deal, I’ll just open it up, but…I couldn’t even untwist the darn thing. I’m not the strongest guy in the world, but I mean, I can open a darn yoyo. My hands literally were red, and the yoyo still would not untwist. (YES I WAS TWISTING THE RIGHT WAY!) It was sorta like when you try to open a 2-liter bottle of soda, and sometimes its so tight that you can’t open it without one of those grippy things, or really hurting your hand. I finally got it untwisted, I let it sit for a while then tried again, took a few times second time around with all of my might.

I was wondering…is this normal? I wouldn’t think it would be, and also, now when I twist it open, or tighten it back on, it makes a squeaking noise. Should I email YYF and see if I can get another one, or should I just not worry about it, and hopefully I won’t have anymore issues with it in the future. Thanks


Don’t feel bad: YYRs come like that.

But another factor might be e overly tight bearing seat that all YYFs have.
Having the screw overtightened is one thing, but that plus a very resistant bearing makes for a very unpleasant first opening.

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Right. Some companies are notorious for having incredibly tight bearing seat/bearing combinations. YoyoFactory happens to be one of them. One of the notable ones being the Northstar; a bunch of people were blown away by how tight it is out of the box.

After numerous times unscrewing and reassembling the yoyo, you will begin to notice the squeaking reduce and the yoyo becoming easier to open. For YoyoFactory yoyos especially, this is pretty normal. There’s nothing to worry about.


I hated that about my northstar. Pulled out the spacer on mine and messed them up. I ended up shipping it to YYF to get it fixed. Hope it arrived


if you want to seperate a bearing from a stuck spacer, a pocket knife will do the job just fine with a little wiggling… and please… use proper care, and adult supervision if you are younger than high school age


Well, I can unscrew it super easy now, the only problem now is that the axle is very loose, and has to be hand tightened on one side, before screwing into the yoyo. Is this normal?



How does it play?


Would putting a little thin lube at the end of the axle help. It would reduce friction.

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If you want to keep the axle from moving about, wrap one end in a bit of teflon tape and screw it together.


My Yuuksta was really, really difficult to open too, so don’t worry about it. My Yuuksta’s axle is also like that too, but don’t let it bother you too much since it’s relatively easy to tune and still plays fine.

However, if you do notice something wrong with your DV888 (like extreme vibration and other things) that wasn’t apparent before you opened the yoyo, you can try to contact YYF’s customer service to see what they can do about it.


The squeaking is the sound of the inside ring of the bearing rubbing against the anno on the bearing seat, that is how YYF usually does it. The bearing seat is almost loose before the anno but when they anno the yoyo then those few microscopic layers of anno makes for a very tight bearing seat, it will wear the anno off over time and after unthreading and rethreading a couple of times to get knots out. Nothing to worry about, hehe.


Thank you all for reassuring me. It seems to play normally, not sure how much vibe the dv888 has normally, I don’t notice too much tho, still a great throw.


I ended up sending them an email, because this is just going to bother me over time. It may happen occasionally, but I’ve never had this happen to me before. I am 6’ and about 200 lbs and I had trouble opening this yoyo, I mean…that’s not normal to me. Hopefully their customer service is as good as their yoyo’s. I’ve never had to deal with them before, so I’m hoping they’re like the “Apple” of the yoyo industry :smiley:


If you are emailing YYF then I have heard numerous accounts of their bad customer service, most of the time never messaging back…but if you are messaging yoyoexpert well then get ready for the best customer service of your life, no lie. Yoyoexpert is the best in customer service of any and all yoyorelated sites and just simply the best that I have experience of any company or website.


Yoyofactory customer service answers daily, unless you are asking for sponsorship, then we usually take a little longer.

Considering I had responded here the response from customer service will indicate nothing is really wrong. The tight fit is very deliberate and is for the smooth performance of the yoyo. I’m not sure why others would choose to contradict my response and say it is not normal when it is.


Yeah, I woke up and at 10am, sure enough I had an email, that was super fast response time. I just sent the email around like 2am before bed. Thanks for the reassurance Ben, I didn’t see that you had posted in here. Whoever responded to the email was super helpful, and since I lived so close to YYF, even said I could come by next week and they would check it out in person if I wanted them to. I probably won’t need them to do that since I got my yoyo meet on Saturday and could have someone there check it out for me, but that is super duper customer service. I’m going to put YYF’s customer service on the same level with Apple’s now. Thanks again Ben, and whoever answered the email is doing a great job!


Definitely agree with this … YYE has the best customer service … hands down …

i had an issue with a ****** throw and i emailed the company, but they never replied… but when i emailed YYE about it … they replied asap and even let me swap out my old one for a new one!!!

you can’t find any retail stores that does this kind of customer service anymore.