How can I get rid of vibe?


So I sent me Diamondback and Titan3 to Landon Balk to get re tapped, hoping it would get rid of the little vibe they both had. It helped the Titan a lil bit, but made one half of the Diamondback (the half where the axle is fully seated in) worse. I was able to tune out 80% of the vibe out of the Titan 3 using Teflon tape, but it didn’t help the Diamondback much. Is there anyway I could get both of them to be dead smooth again?

The Titan 3 got vibe because it was slammed on the ground (don’t ask why, I didn’t do it) and the Diamondback suffer a huge ding (this one was my fault) on the side of the rim, where I failed to jump over the YoYo while it was in horizontal play, and it wrapped around my leg, cut my shin, and hit the concrete with a thud.


I believe you are out of luck, my friend. Just love it for what it is.


Well heres some ways
Maybe its your axle so either use teflon tape or use the blue loctite
I got rid of most my vib on my chief. Note not 100% just 75%
Or just love it the way it is like miamibuddah said


I clearly stated I used Teflon tape on the axle.


Personally, I do expect my yoyo to be “smooth as glass” when I get it, especially due to the money I am paying.

At the same time, I actually need a tiny hint of vibe. I need to feel the yoyoy spinning. Very rarely is vibe really an issue where it detracts from play. Granted I may be overly tolerant of vibe.

I think some of us need to be a bit less OCD about vibe. Let’s concentrate on performance and playability.

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If you smashed them on the ground, the physical shape of the yoyo has probably been slightly warped or bent. The axle is made of steel, and it probably isn’t the problem. A ding can sometimes make a yoyo be never dead smooth again. It’s just life…


You know how much I love finger spins man! I can’t stand the feel of vibe while I’m finger spinning!


I can’t do finger spins yet, so I’ll just share a picture of my Titan 3 just to annoy you:

However, yeah, you’re really good on the finger spins. The cap on the Titan 3 is perfect for that. I should have had you try my Yoyofficer Aura as it also has a similar cup in the rim but it’s larger.

It’s also interesting how fast the yoyo industry has shifted gears with so many models coming out with no nub in the middle. I wonder if One Drop is going to come out with new side effects to provide a nice place to do those kind of grinds.

I may never be able to do finger spins, but that’s OK! I got a ways to go and lots to learn before I get there.


Whoops I kinda skimmed through it.

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Fingerspins can be done on SE throws. You just have to land slightly differently.


Contact Landon. He may be able to help you out. I’d also try to get a new axle, it may help.


Dang, no one seems to read… He already sent them to Landon.


Yeah I know…I meant to contact Landon and tell him what happened, Landon may recommend a fix.


There is really nothing more you can do, aside from tuning the axle placement, which I’m sure he’s already been doing. All you can do now is muffle the vibe as much as possible with LocTite or teflon tape. Once the original specs have been tampered with, it’s not likely to be as good as it once was.


He tunes em pretty well before sending it back. Normal YoYoJam axles won’t fit anymore due to the re tap.


Retapping a yoyo should only be done to fix a stripped yoyo

I’ve never heard of someone having it done to fix vibe since it’s counterproductive. You’re taking a yoyo tapped from the manufacturer who took the time to tap it as precisely as they could and having someone else try