My Cream has a vibe

My cream has a vibe, unfortunately. so is there any way to fix it? is it my axle? Well i dunno, so plz help

You have to tune it I think.

ive tried tuning it. it still has a vibe

Try putting teflon tape on the axle.

You can try to just play with the vibe as well. It shouldn’t be a problem if it doesn’t affect play.

whats Teflon tape???

It is the smooth and thin tape that some people may call ‘seal tape’ or something else.

so how do i tune the yoyo?

I thought you said you already tuned it?

From what I understand you just take out the axle and rotate a bit and put it back in…

Here… This is for an M1 or Mark Mont but I think the same concept applies for a cream… Not sure though

regarding the above post, that only applies to yoyos that use a nut and bolt such as the fhz, project, p2, markmont, pgm, etc.

regarding the question mine also had vibe even after i tuned it, so i contacted Paul from Crucial and sent it to him and he gave me a new one that also had vibe, i ended trading it because i didnt like it enough to keep going back and forth till i got a smooth one.

here is how you tune yoyos with an axle like the cream (i know its on yyn but its such a good post so mods you can decide if its allowed),43172.0.html

let me know if that works :wink:

i didnt think i was tuning it correctly