How do I tune the vibe out of a yoyo, I know it has to do with tightening and loosening of the axel.

Hey Cameron!

Anyway, this is what I do to tune a plastic yoyo like a Cream or Milk or whatever: Tighten it a little more, or a little less, and try to find a sweet spot where there is lesser or no vibe.

Here is what I do to tune a metal yoyo. I can flip the yoyo axle around and sometimes that rids the vibe or makes it a little better. If that dosn’t work, which most of the time it dosn’t, I get some white teflon tape you can find at hardware stores like Home Depot. First things first, I take out the axle. Then, I cut of a decent size peice of teflon tape, and wrap it tightly around the axle about 5 times. When you wrap it around, make sure you cover the entire axle with the teflon tape, except the two top ends. Then, I put in the axle, and hope for lesser or no vibe. Anyway, hope that helped you out Cameron! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

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For yo-yos with setscrew axles you should use [this method].

For yo-yos with a bolt and nut axle you should use [this method].