YYR Sleipner has a tiny vibe

So I have a genuine yyr red take that sleipner, I know these were faked but I know for a fact this one is real, anyway it was this tiny vibe probably from he previous owner unscrewing it, is their anyway to get it back to yyr smoothness again?

Tune the axle

a little bit of Teflon tape and an infinite amount of time you can get it perfect

Use this guide to tune it.

Could be bent. Take it out and roll it on a flat surface.

I say don’t worry too much about that tiny bit of vibe. If it’s not affecting play, I say game on!


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Yes! And every yoyo has a tiny but of vibe.

My favorite throw is an original purple black and pink acid wash FG avalanche, vibe doesn’t bother me just trying my wits at tuning lol