Are there any tips/tricks you know for getting rid of a lil vibe

I would like to learn how to get rid of some vibe on SIDE EFFECT YOYOS and NON SIDE EFFECT YOYOS.

Enlighten me? Thanks.


SE: pop out a side effect from one side, turn it a little, and press it back in. Repeat process until you find a sweet spot.

Tuning, including the axle technique, is about how the yoyo halves line up with each other. It’s not about how centered the axle is (a common misconception I once held as well!). For non-SE, the turning of the axle by small increments means that when the yoyo is screwed back together, the halves will be aligned differently with one another. For SE yoyos, you just pop one SE out, reposition, and tighten to achieve the same changing of alignment.

Not all yoyos can be tuned to be perfectly smooth. Usually if a yoyo vibes a little, I have suspicions that it’ll ever be smooth; however, you can usually find an acceptable level of vibe… even if “acceptable” means taking it down from an irregular pulse to a regular hum. :wink:

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sometimes in some yoyos if you change the bearing it helps reduce vibe this usually is the case in most yoyos

True fact! I have bearings that vibe more than others, that’s for darned sure.

I made a little “bearing spinner” contraption which gets the bearings up to good speed on a wooden chopstick. When I remove the chopstick (bearing still spinning at high speed) some of them positively shake that stick, while others are barely detectable.

A bit of lube smooths out a lot of bearing vibe. Of course it’s a tradeoff.