What does it mean to tune a yoyo? I know it has something to do with helping vibe but please explain further on how to do it.


fromwhat i know , it’s when you turning the axle/bolt but i am probably wrong

Tuning is the method of making a yoyo with vibe smoother. A few ways to do this is to flip the axle around, tighten and loosen the axle, and tightening and loosening the yoyo(when you screw the halves together).

Unless you’re talking about the old Dif/Anti-Yo axles or a Freehand style bolt and nut, I’m pretty convinced tuning is a myth.

Just spin the axle backwards over the threads until you hear a click and feel it pop into place, take it a few threads in and then screw the other half on. That’s all the “tuning” any modern yoyo should need. Which happens to be the proper way to thread a hard material into soft material(steel axle aluminum yoyo).

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I would say “tuning” is making a yoyo play better. It may include reducing vibe, increasing spin time, improving response etc. Any number of things that make the yoyo play better for you.

I think you’re right. You didn’t mention OD Side Effects as tunable though.

Tuning the axle reduces vibe on some yoyos. I know it makes no sense but it makes a very noticeable difference on my g squared nessie. I have no idea why. Otherwise I would say it’s a myth also.

If the halves aren’t perfectly balanced to the axle tap and the axle isn’t perfectly straight, then maybe there is such a thing. However, if both those conditions don’t exist, then axle tuning by turning should only screw the axle more deeply to one side or the other (given the same amount of tightening of the halves, in other words they should line up the same). Oh, wait a minute, debris in the threads or bearing seat, or a bearing that isn’t square might have an effect as well.

Since things aren’t always perfect, I imagine varying degrees of tuning have occurred.

Brandon Vu has a nice video on this…

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it makes an incredible diffrence on my nessie as well, prolly one of the smoothest things ever to be thrown.