Do i have to tune a Cream?

Im getting a Cream and i was just wondering if i have to tune it or is there anything else that i need to know about it to maintain it

Some Creams might need tuning to acheive perfect smoothness.

then how do i tune it?

i wouldnt tune it cause there is a good chance tuning it will just mess it up

oh ok

I suggest tuning it if it isn’t as smooth as you want it to be.

You can simply wrap the axle in teflon tape, or take it out completely and put it back in a way that satisfies you.

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so tuning is just taking out the axle and screwing it back on?

is simplist terms, yes

so in detail how do u tune it?

plz reply

Tuning will not mess it up at all.

Tuning a Cream is quite simple.

You want to screw the yoyo, wind it, and do the finger test to see if it is smooth. If its not, try screwing it tighter, if the vibe is worse, unscrew it a bit, then do that until its perfectly smooth.

ok thanks ;D