Centering the axle on my cream


I got my Crucial Cream last friday (I actually called in sick not to waste precious yoyo time). I absolutly love it, great performer and awsome looks. It does however have a slight wobble. Now i read that this is common with the cream (and the milks) and that it might need to have the axle centered. I consider my self being quite the handy man, being a carpenter and all, but I have no clue on how this is usually done, or what tools I need. Anyone?


Wrap some teflon tape around the axle, and you’re good to go.


Dejavou (sp? lol…)

I love my Cream also, and the vibe is pretty normal.

You want to pretend it has an adjustable gap, and try to find that sweet spot where its smooth. Just expirement, you’ll find it eventually.