Best method for putting axle back in yoyo?

I was curious what you guys think is the best method for putting metal post axles back into a yoyo for the least amount of vibe and for making sure each side doesn’t come undone or that the internal yo threads don’t get stripped. (I am referring to after you unscrew your yoyo and take the axle out, how do you put it back in and screw the halves together?)

I usually barely screw mine into one side of the yo, and then insert the other side and screw both halves the same amount until the yoyo is tight.

What method do you use?

I tried tuning a yoyo once. Then I realized how unnecessary it was, assembled the yoyo, and had a great day.

Pretty much this. The only time I really try to tune a yoyo is if the vibe turns into a pulse.


Centering the axle on some older yo-yos can be beneficial. Here is a tutorial made by BosK on the YYN forum. I’d link directly to the YYN post but the link function seems to be broken there.

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On my anti-yos and dif-e-yos I’ve used small wads of paper to center the axles. Measure the axle, measure the hole depth. Make a small wad of paper so that the axle screws into both sides evenly after allowing for the bearing thickness. Works every time.


I just cut out a new axle.