Tuning an eneme

How many turns in on the axle on the first half do you do? If that makes sense.

Is different for every yoyo. Its just a matter of trial and error.

any tips for getting it to stay in a particular spot for the trial and error? I feel like if I screwed it in a few turns it would screw in more after i tried to put the other half on

This is the guide I used to learn how to tune my yoyos its a pretty tedious process but it pays off.

Any reasonable number will do. After all, it’s just your starting point. Just be sure to keep plenty of axle sticking out for the other half.

Use Teflon tape (PTFE tape / thread seal tape) or a light dab of a thread locker like Loctite.

i just did it and used teflon tape, i plan on getting some thread ocker and going that way eventually